Corn Palace

by Corn Palace

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Bloomington sweethearts sporting a reversible jacket with country on the outside and Bruce Springsteen on the inside.


released July 18, 2016

Chris Clements--electric guitar, vocals, bass
Lindsay Welsch Sveen--acoustic guitar, banjo, vocals, bells
Leah Cover--violin, bells, vocals
Zach Anno--organ, guitar, bass, vocals
Joe Crawford--drums
Jess Waggoner--acoustic guitar, vocals, banjo

All songs by Clements, Waggoner, and Welsch Sveen

Recorded in Bloomington, Indiana by John Dawson at Magnetic South, June 18th-19th, 2016

Mastered by Joe Crawford

Booklet by Tio Savich

Love and thanks to Heather Love



all rights reserved


Corn Palace Bloomington, Indiana

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Track Name: Sarah

Around this yard I'm keeping time
to her tough mouth and your tough lines.
There's no law here that can stop you.
Our damp histories press on us,
all our mouths get filled with dust.
How could I learn to deny you?


But your tune was tasting green
I kept it close to keep it clean
We were sweet then you and me.
I will know you by your teeth
And every word will make us sing
And on my skin I'll write your record.


Your branch was in my hair
Your mud was on my face
Your night was on my sill
And it filled
Our hungry place

Every cinder that you keep
Burns a hole into your sleep
Leaves a space for us to find you
So when we whisper telephone
Will we name you with our bones?
Will we echo through the hallway,

Track Name: All Around
All Around

My thoughts dry up in the summer air and I don't know where you've been
I lay my pencil down and stand and stare
Out the kitchen window as you saunter up the drive and I wait
All for nothing, because you're in no mood for conversation
I'll just wait

When we get around to talking once you're rested up and caffeinated
I tell you my worries, but nothing gets communicated

You only listen to my words, you don't hear the sound
You wanna know the point, but it's all around
It's all around

There's a feeling in this house now
nettles stinging on my neck
Because even when you're home you're not really here
I can tell your mind is elsewhere
Down the stairs around the corner where she waits
All my moves are wasted
Just when I think I've got you there she waits

She's on your face when I look at you
She's in your eyes when you look me through
I wanna talk it out
But there's nothing to talk about


There is no point, it all around
It's all around
Track Name: Voice Like a Wig
Voice Like a Wig

Winter went straight to our bones
Spring was just an awful joke
Someone didn't make it to the thawing end
I dropped my keys on the long walk home
Read your letter over the phone
You didn't say, I didn't know
I wouldn't see you again

And all I can do is wear your voice like a wig
Any way I turn it, it still doesn't fit
And all I can say is that I wish
You had gotten used to it

And once I moved to hear the night speak
I felt you distant and so closely
And I was so ashamed, I didn't see you again
When it fell across my chest
I wrote your name in the dust
When you see this, let me hear you
Like a warning, like a welcome


Just give me a sign
Track Name: Any Man Who Finds a Home
Any Man Who Finds a Home

Tell me young sister
When you coming home?
Lifetime of running
Gonna leave you all alone
And when you see us on the street
Don't forget to wash our feet

And we bow to you sister
We swear it won't take long
And we sing to you sister
You're our favorite song

Tell me young sister
Did you see the light?
At the drive-in movie
On our beggars night
Because any man who finds a home
Still finds himself alone

And we bow to you sister
We swear it won't take long
And we sing to you sister
You're our favorite song

And oh young sister did he touch your neck?
And was it harder then you knew to expect?
It used to be we spoke your name
Now we press our lips in shame
And we bow to you sister
We swear it won't take long
But we can't sing to you sister though you're our favorite song
No we can't sing to you sister, though you're our favorite song
Track Name: Break Me
Break Me

You shook me awake at midnight
Did I have a dollar or at least a light?
The old boys are playing down at the old pavilion stage
And nothing calls you out like old songs overplayed

You can't break me
I'm already broke
You can't take me
I've already been took
You can't frame me
There's nothing to see here

You crying when they play that Steve Earle tune
So much feeling, that's just like you
But you've got feeling where the rest of us are tired
You just keep on feeling till' you're black and blue


You're free now, you're making your own way
As for me, I can't say
Something final, something to sum you up
You just keep on being, I guess that's enough

Track Name: Wild Has a Name
Wild Has a Name

Now I know you've got some stories
that you can't lose
and I know the only safe place for us to be is your back room
If touching you is a landmine
then I'd be sure to lose
So I'll lay on your floor and let our voices burn away the blues

But wild has a name that drives you down
Low as the bones beneath this town
Every broken body must hear that sound
And every tongue must confess

In my dream I see you
Sitting in the front pew
There's a hole in your dress you keep worrying your finger through
You keep looking at your mama
But she won't look at you
You swear you'll never do it again if it's the last thing you do


So lay your head where the water runs deep
Lay it low to hide your sorrow
In the thicket stands the dark horse of your dreams
He won't be there to ride tomorrow
Track Name: Dennis

Got a good job on the highway
Doing construction at the summer's end
A good job gone, that same month
When the boss caught me drinking again
One position open, you threw your name in the well
And when your luck turned up, I can't say I didn't wish you hell

Dennis the white line gleams unbroken by your fall
You came to this world on 70 West
And tonight it'll bring you home
There ain't nothing I wouldn't do
To take that night away from you
Break the pavement that crushed your wild heart
Carry you through these small streets
To the bed where our mother sleeps
And lay me down on the highway in the dark

While you were sailing on through
Did it ever cross your mind
That you were always the perfect one and I was always trailing behind?
Every time you made our mama laugh
I was sure to make her cry
And nobody said but I knew
they picked the wrong one to die


Keeping that picture of you
with your fingers in my hair
Leaning on dad's Sonoma when your glasses caught the glare
There ain't nothing I wouldn't do

To take that night away from you
Break the pavement that crushed your wild heart
Track Name: Black and Grey
Black and Grey

Walking the line between black and grey
Maybe I'll just fade away
Or break new ground and see what comes
I ain't fond of moving dirt
Shoveling makes my back hurt
So I'll just sit here and wait it out

I don't wanna lay it down
I don't wanna draw a spade
I don't wanna lay it down

Break a new trail or make a new path
Maybe I'll just take a bath
And then just sit here and wait it out
But I ain't fond of moving dirt
Shoveling makes my back hurt
So I'll just sit here and wait it out